About GSOC

Please read below to find out Who We Are, What We Do, What We Don't Do, and How We Help.

Who We Are

Gopher State One Call is the One Call notification system established to inform all Minnesota underground facility operators of intended excavation. As the communication link between the excavator and the underground facility operator, it has increased public safety while decreasing underground facility damage, monetary loss, and personal injury by coordinating the locating of underground facilities.

Gopher State One Call, a nonprofit organization, grew out of a response to a serious pipeline accident in the northern Twin Cities in July of 1986. Following this accident, Governor Rudy Perpich created the Minnesota Commission on Pipeline Safety to review and recommend law changes at the federal and state levels that would enhance public safety. In 1987 the Minnesota Legislature mandated a Commission recommendation for a centralized statewide information processing center to relay excavation notices to excavators and underground facility operators. Minnesota State Statute Chapter 216D now requires anyone who engages in any type of excavation to provide advance notice of at least two working days to Gopher State One Call. The service provided by Gopher State One Call to excavators is free of charge. The cost of Gopher State One Call is paid in full by underground facility operators.

Gopher State One Call is unique in a number of ways. It is one of very few statewide One Call centers in the country that not only covers a large geographic area but also has mandatory utility membership. In Minnesota, all parties come together to enhance the safety of the general public.

The Gopher State One Call Board of Directors is diverse in its representation. Board Members come from such groups as municipalities, the water industry, electric utilities, propane, natural gas, the pipeline industry, cable television operators, contractors, right-of-way operators, and at large members. This diverse group represents both the Twin Cities' metro area and Greater Minnesota.

While the education of the "professionals" in the construction industry is always an ongoing project, education of the homeowner or one time user is also important to Gopher State One Call, since Minnesota Statute Chapter 216D applies to anyone conducting excavation work in Minnesota.

Gopher State One Call has received overwhelming acceptance since it began operations in October 1988. The center handled 780,000 communications in its first year and topped one million in its second year. Today, Gopher State One Call handles more than seven million communications annually; for this reason, Gopher State invests heavily in state-of-the-art One Call technology.

Facility operators, contractors, and excavators have banded together to use Gopher State One Call to dramatically reduce third-party damage to underground facilities, saving time and money and, most importantly, providing greater safety to work crews and the public. Its success can be attributed to those in Minnesota, especially its more that 1,450 plus underground facility operators, who have made Gopher State One Call what it is today.

What We Do

Gopher State One Call is Minnesota's one call center for the excavating community. Our goal is to provide the service of notification of proposed excavation to utilities in an accurate and timely manner in accordance with the laws governing this process. A summary of the One Call process at Gopher State One Call is as follows:

We also take incoming calls from homeowners and contractors who would like to excavate. A Customer Service Representative enters information pertaining to the excavation site into a computer. The CSR then applies that information to an online mapping system. This mapping system indicates what facilities need to be notified of the excavation. Once the facilities are determined, the operator releases all information to the facilities affected.

When the CSR completes your request, you are provided a ticket number. This number is your legal proof that you have notified Gopher State One Call of your intent to excavate. Please retain this ticket number until the work being performed is completed. It is also a good idea to retain this ticket number for future use.

What We Don't Do

Gopher State One Call receives millions of phone calls each year. There are some phone call situations we are NOT able to help with. Below is a list of tasks Gopher State One Call does not do.

We notify only utilities who are participants in Gopher State One Call. If a caller wishes to have a line marked by a facility operator that is not registered with GSOC, you will need to notify them directly. Click here for more information on private facilities.

We do not provide callers with utility information and services i.e. repairing cut lines, dealing with billing issues, burying exposed lines, etc. If you are experiencing problems with a particular company, please contact that company directly. Many times a contact number for the company can be located on your billing statement.

We do not provide callers with information required to complete a locate request. A caller must provide the information. Gopher State One Call can only pass on the information that you provide to us. To become better prepared to call our center please click here to see what information you will need to provide at the time of your call.

Gopher State One Call does not personally mark any underground facilities. We only contact underground facility operators who have asked us to contact them in the area where you intend to excavate. Each notified utility then either marks their lines or contracts a firm to mark their lines for them. This entire process requires 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). The status of a ticket can be checked by utilizing our Positive Response System.

How We Help

If you have any questions please contact Customer Support.