Gopher State One Call Ticket Types (Priorities)

There are six types of tickets that are submitted to Gopher State One Call.

Ticket Types Include:

1. Routine Locates (Normal):

About 90% of tickets submitted will be this type of ticket. Almost all dig projects conducted by homeowners and excavators fall under this category. The routine ticket type includes projects ranging from planting a tree in your front yard, to a larger project like installing a pool. These tickets are valid for up to 14 days after the ticket is submitted. This type of ticket must be submitted no less than two business days before a dig. You may also submit this ticket up to 14 days before the dig begins.

2. Meet

This type of ticket is submitted by anyone when it is difficult to precisely define the location of the excavation site or to receive access to the dig site. The use of white markings can often be used to avoid the time and cost of a meet. If it is ultimately determined that a person needs to meet with the facility operator, a date and time are set to provide specific details about the dig site. Gopher State One Call creates a ticket for you, but a Meet basically surpasses GSOC. GSOC can record the date and time of the meet but is not responsible for those who do not show up to the meet.

3. Emergency

This ticket is created only if there is a situation which poses clear and immediate danger to life, health or significant loss of property.
Examples of emergency situations include:

• An unforeseen excavation necessary in order to prevent a condition that poses clear and immediate danger to life or health.
• An excavation required in order to prevent significant and immediate property damage.
• The repair of an existing unstable condition that may result in an emergency.

When this type of ticket is requested, it is sent out as an emergency status, requiring facility operators to respond within three hours. GSOC cannot advise whether or not your situation calls for an emergency ticket.

4. Non-Excavation

This ticket is created during the planning phase of a project. This ticket is submitted when a person is soliciting bids or entering into a contract needs more information about the layout of the dig area. This ticket does NOT allow for excavation.

5. Engineering/ Pre-Construction Meet Ticket

This ticket is another ticket created during the planning phase and can be submitted by anyone. Typically this ticket is submitted when there is a need to obtain maps of the area and/or meet with facility operators directly in which a dig project will take place. A Meet takes place between the facility operator and the person who submitted the ticket to map out the area. If markings are needed during this Meet, the person orchestrating the Meet must submit a separate ticket type of non-excavation.

6. Boundary Survey

This type of ticket can ONLY be submitted by a surveyor. The facility operator is required to go out to the location and mark the underground facilities described in the boundary survey request. This ticket is meant for facility markings unless otherwise agreed upon.

To submit a ticket to Gopher State One Call please visit: