Contact GSOC Before You Dig

Did you know it is a Minnesota state law that before you start any project that requires digging, you must contact Gopher State One Call? Contacting Gopher State One Call will allow you to not only you to follow this law, but could also help you to avoid costly underground utility damages or even deadly accidents. 

Contacting Gopher State One Call is easy and can be done either online or on the phone. But before you contact, make sure you are you are prepared by clicking here to view the before you contact instructions.


Homeowner Online Locate Request:

Did you know you can submit tickets to Gopher State One Call online?

Benefits of using our Homeowner Online Locate Request tool:

  • It's free
  • Available 24/7
  • Accessible from your smartphone or tablet
  • An alternative to calling in your ticket
  • Easy to use
  • No training class required
  • Simple online registration process
  • Provides a reminder email the day you can dig




Call GSOC at: 651-454-0002 or 800-252-1166


Private Facilities: Know the difference:

Is there a sprinkler system, natural gas line or a dog fence on your property? These are all examples of private facilities. These facilities are ones that are not located by Gopher State One Call, but must located by the company that supplied you with the facility. To find out more about private facilities, click here.