When a Damage Occurs

If you’ve hit an underground utility while digging, the first thing you must do is evacuate everyone if you have created a dangerous situation. If so, call 911 immediately and keep the area clear. Also, call the utility you hit and make them aware of what has happened. Click here for a list of utility operator phone numbers.

I’ve exposed a utility line; what do I do now?

If, during the course of digging, a utility line has been exposed, it is your responsibility to inspect and support the utilities before backfilling. You must inspect utilities for any damage which could include the pulling or kinking of the utility or damage to the protective coating or covering. If damage exists, it is your responsibility to immediately notify the utility company directly. If there is any question about possible danger, we recommend contacting the utility company for instructions. Minnesota rules only require you to contact Gopher State One Call if you have reason to believe marks are incorrect or missing. You should also plan your work to minimize damage to markings.