When You Can Start Digging

After you’ve entered your dig information into ITIC or you’ve called Gopher State One Call, that information is created as a “ticket” which is sent to any utilities that may have underground facilities in the area of excavation. Those utilities will send a locator to the site to either paint or flag the area in question. Click here to view the color code chart to see which underground facilities are in the area of excavation.

Starting Your Project That Requires Digging

In accordance with Minnesota law, you must wait 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) after you’ve submitted your dig information to begin your digging project. A good practice before digging is to check Gopher State One Call’s Positive Response site to determine if each utility company has visited your dig site or responded to your locate request. Click the button below to see if Positive Response has been sent.


To learn more about Minnesota’s Call Before You Dig Law, click here. If you have any questions or concerns about contacting GSOC before you dig, please call 651-454-0002 or 800-252-1166.