Search Ticket Status & Info

Gopher State One Call's Search Positive Response application allows excavators, homeowners and facility operators a convenient online method to view the status and Positive Response of a ticket. Simple search criteria such as city, county or date range allows users to pull up a list of tickets and select the ticket they would like to view. Users have the option of viewing and printing ticket reports, ticket responses and original tickets.

By utilizing the status and Positive Response provided, excavators, homeowners and facility operators are ensuring safe, smart digging occurs.

Please Note: As of June 1, 2014 Gopher State One Call implemented a new privacy policy. State law requires excavators in Minnesota to provide GSOC with private information in order for GSOC to communicate this information to effected underground facility operators. As a ticket has a 14 day life, GSOC has determined it is appropriate of the needs for access to the data and a person’s privacy needs for all data to be accessible via the Ticket Search tool for thirty (30) days after submission of the data to GSOC. After the 30 day period has expired certain personal identifier data will be removed from the Ticket Search tool. GSOC is required to maintain all this information for six (6) years under Minnesota law. At one year from the time of submission (365 days) a ticket is removed from the Ticket Search tool altogether.



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